iPad Pilots

In my previous post I pretty much stated that I’m not currently in favour of school iPad programs, where a class would have 1:1 tablets per students. This is based on my current knowledge of tablets, computers and software that is available for them. However, I haven’t tried having my students use iPads in class (hence the conditional “current”!). I would be extremely interested in getting feedback from educators that have spent some time with 1:1 iPad/student programs.

Q: iPad? A: Not.

With the instant popularity of the iPad last year, tablets were finally thrust into the computing spotlight. People have been purchasing the iPad for many different purposes but it remains to be seen as to what tablets are really good at. Originally it was said that the iPad would be about media consumption, but this was idea has been eclipsed by the proliferation of IOS apps. Many educators have touted the iPad as being a useful part of classroom and online learning technologies, while I don’t necessarily share this enthusiasm.