SBG Scheme 2021/22

I’ve posted a lot about my trials and errors with SBG but for the most part what I do is what I was doing in 2017. I’ve written about this scheme here. I’ve given different thoughts to how (or if I should) incorporate performance tasks, tests or other summative assessments but mostly I just use SBG for all my grading.

In 2017 I said that the final mark creation involved some voodoo. I think at the time I was also using a 4pt scale, and I still use a 4pt scale. The names of the levels has changed to match what we do across the Vancouver School District. My scale is Beginning, Developing, Applying and Extending. Don’t blame me, I didn’t pick the names ;). To create a final mark, I’ve been pretty consistent with just using my SBG grades and converting them to a final percent. To do this with, I first asked myself what I would give a student that had all Beginning, all Developing, all Proficient and all Extending. I came up with something like 55%, 67%, 82% and 100%.

One new thing that I might do for Pre-Calculus 11 math class is use a 5 points scale. Now, I usually don’t think that a 5pt scale is a good idea. However, in my math classes, my students very rarely get Beg or Dev grades. for 85% of the kids, we are essentially using a 2pt scale. I might switch over to a scale that uses Beginning, Developing, Applying, Applying+ and Extending. The Applying+ would correspond to 90%. Students can show me their portfolio if they think that an App grade should be changed to App+, and if we agree, I will change the grade. I will offer this with some risk though. I would reserve the right to go through their portfolio and make sure that their Ext are not actually App+.