Whiteboarding Problems and Fixes

One of my goals for this year was to encourage the use of whiteboards in my class, and to get the students move involved with them. As experienced by many teachers, I found whiteboards to be a great way for students to work together on a problem, hash out ideas, and then share what they’ve found. However, lately my classes have been having problems. A possible solution to this is to build whiteboard ePortfolios.

Teacher Portfolios

Today, two references to Teacher Portfolios came to my attention. The first was a link to a post on EET that I got via physicstweet. The second was a link to a UBC Event on Teacher Portfolios. I’ll have to keep these links in mind as I build my own ePortfolio. Without giving it much thought, it seems that integrating a teacher portfolio into the ePortfolio would be a good idea.