Why You Should Stop Worrying About Grade Inflation

Kids these days don’t know as much because of grade inflation. That makes no sense to me. Kids may, or may not, know as much as they use to but what they “know” is a result of the teaching that happens in the classroom. After the lessons, learning and practicing a student is assessed and typically given some number. Whether that number is 70 or 90, the learning has already happened.

Tipping Point

I’m fairly new to working within the public school system, and it’s been really interesting seeing how the dynamics of school compares to how I remember it when I was a student. One thing that is different now is a new iteration of an old idea: distance learning through online courses. Lots has been written about online learning. I’ve personally completed a masters degree in educational technology all through online courses.

University Prep

I just came across a funny article from the CBC. It is a short piece about how high school students feel unprepared for university. Granted, it’s not supposed to be funny but the irony in it really hits home to me. Some of the startling revelations made the students in the article include: the amount of work done in high school is less than that in university the quality of work done in high school is less than that in university self-motivation is a big issue in university I’m surprised they didn’t also point out that the students at university are usually older and more mature than high school students.