New Website Launch!

I’ve decided to move my website over to Wordpress, as WP is so much easier to work with.¬†I originally created my PoL website as both a blog and an ePortfolio.¬†However, I decided to create my own hardcoded ePortfolio website, and the reasons for keeping the Joomla site were almost non-existent. I’ll be tweaking this blog over the next couple of weeks but this is essentially what my PoL website will look like.

DimDim example via Screencast

I was checking out some math, physics and standards based grading educational blogs when I came across a screencast of a teacher who used DimDim. Check out the screencast here and see how it went. More info from the lesson is found here. I found the DimDim to be a bit slow paced, but maybe that’s just the nature of the beast when trying to broadcast live video. Dan, the teacher, also lamented that he found formative assessment very difficult.

New Silos for Learning

As our education system moves towards an Education 3.0 paradigm, where student-generated content takes a large step forward, I see collective intelligence and current educational silo structures moving strongly in the direction of free access to subject content. To do this, political stake holders will have to give up their hold and control of exactly what it is that our children learn. From an educational design point of view, these changes have begun.