SBG for 2017 - A New Plan

As It Stands After two months of I decided to return to my previous system of SBG objectives. Read on to see what I had tried but ultimately didn’t continue with. This year was once again fairly successful with SBG. I managed to work the Transfer Tasks into my system OK, which made me feel better about students that get all “mastered” on their learning objectives. However, I’m still not satisfied with how this works out.

Standards Based Grading 2016

This year was my fifth year in using Standards Based Grading (SBG). I’ve posted about my SBG system before but I’d like to give an update on what I’m doing. I give out shorter quizzes and generally avoid unit tests There are no differences between quiz or tests, quiz questions or test questions Quizzes have any where from 1 to 5 4 learning objectives on them Each quiz is graded according to objectives, not marks Each objective is graded out of 3: 1 is a start, 2 means some understanding is shown (any amount really), 3 means mastery Standards are split into 2 categories: A and B.