Keeping Engagement

Engagement is always a hot top in education. From upper level missions and goals, down to the minutes of each class, we all want the students to be engaged. Sometimes our activities allow easy access to engagement while others do not. Flash back three years ago when I taught two classes of grade 9 science. One was a full class of the 30 kids, many of which were very bright, while the other had 17 students, several which had learning disabilities.

Different Approach to Gravity

[]One question that I’ve seen pop up again and again in science classes is, “what would happen to Earth if the Sun suddenly disappeared?” I’ve had this question in science 9, science and technology, and in physics. I guess it’s one of those things that many people hypothesize on. I was thinking about this today, along with the idea of Essential Questions driving classroom explorations and learning. I wondered if we could use the following as the essential question for a unit on gravity in Physics 12