Projectors part deux

Yesterday Linda Kwan was nice enough to give me and my VP a tour of her wireless projector at UHill Secondary. I’ve had some trepidation on our upcoming wireless system and was really interested in seeing a wireless projector in action. Linda was able to demonstrate just how well the Epson wireless software interacts with the Brightlink projector, and it was great to see the system working. The LAN connected quickly without any hitches.

New Projectors

As we prepare to move into a new building next fall, I’ve been thinking about the projectors that we’ll have in the new classrooms. We are leaving our old ones behind, and for good reason. Not only do they not perform as well as new ones but the replacement bulbs are outrageously expensive. My projector bulb is on its last legs (dim, many colours aren’t shown), and a new bulb costs $400.