Newer SBG Tracking Sheets

Over time I’ve been playing with the format of my SBG tracking sheets. The biggest change for me is the addition of tracking curricular competencies.

Tracking curricular competencies is pretty tricky in my opinion. While I fully and enthusiastically agree in practicing and recognizing curricular competencies, I’m much less interested in grading them. Why? Because many competencies cannot be taught. For example, I can teach a student to factor a polynomial, but I cannot teach a student “to use logic.” I can teach a student to use multiple representations when modeling motion, but I cannot teach them to be creative. Perhaps more importantly, I cannot explicitly tell students how to improve on a curricular competency.

Here is an example of one of my newer SBG tracking sheets. You can see that I’m linking/relating curricular competencies to particular skills, but I’m mostly not tracking the competencies by themselves. Perhaps in some courses such as Socials Studies, a teacher would focus more on tracking individual curricular competencies.

Although it’s not shown in the attached tracking sheet, I do track a few curricular competencies by themselves, such as:

  • CRef.1  I can reflect on my mathematical thinking. 
  • CRep.1 I can explain and justify my mathematical reasoning. I can communicate this reasoning to others. 
  • CRep.2  I can work with others and collaborate on problems with proper discourse and discussion.