OECD and Homework

On our local math listserv there was a post recently pointing to reports on the positive benefits of having kids do homework. Here is one link to the report, although I came across this report from multiiple sources. The idea is that research shows that students perform better if they do homework, and that countries whose students do more homework also do better on OECD testing. One such test would is the PISA math test.

Flipping the Flipped Classroom

I recently had a discussion with a classmate of mine about the Flipped Classroom, and I think my comments are worth sharing. In our discussion, I pointed out a couple of problems I have with the FC, which deal with a few fundamental issues in education. I should start off with saying that I do agree with the idea of moving the long lecture outside of the classroom. Where I disagree with the FC is that the lecture, or its replacement, should be moved home.