New blog posts

bcphysics180I’ve been making smaller posts on a separate blog here:

The idea is to post a picture and a vignette for every day of the year.  They’re just short reflections on things that happened during the day. I have benefitted from reading other peoples’ 180 blogs and I thought it would be good for me (and hopefully for some readers) if I did one too.

I’m still trying to figure out the best types of posts to make. I think that I should focus on snippets that may help others learn. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that blogs are best if they focus on one particular topic.  For instance, a blog that focuses just on grade 8 science would be better than a blog that focuses on physics and grade 8 science.  I think this is because readers will most likely return if they consistently see a topic that they are interested in.  Signal to noise ratio idea.  Anyways, my 180 blog has both junior science and physics topics but I’m trying to keep it all cohesive, so readers can gain information and be interested in returning.