Digital Age Teaching Professionals

I think the order of the standards is no coincidence.  My initial  impression is that “facilitate and inspire student learning and  creativity” and “design and develop digital-age learning experiences and  assessment” are the most important and unique aspects of the standards.   The last two standards are almost generic in nature and can be applied  to many different disciplines with a few changes in words.

I  suppose that I’ve been dabbling aspects that deal with the 2nd standard  for a year or so.  But the trick, and the thing I’m pretty sure I know  little to nothing about, is meeting the goals of the 1st standard.  To  me, this is the key to the digital-age teaching professional.  Perhaps  we are still very much in the infancy of knowing how to create digital  methods, media and tools that are not only engaging but also able to  reveal conceptual understanding and thinking.  And if we are in the  infancy, then that is encouraging because there are already a lot of  tools that let students explore creativity and cognitive constructions.   For example, from the student side we have things like glogster and  prezi, which are engaging and improve upon some of the more traditional  paradigms.