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PBA – The theory behind the business of learning

The following video, based on thoughts by Sir Ken Robinson, examines the educational paradigm shift necessary to encourage PBA  products and services to keep emerging and developing.

In this project, we began by learning about Product Based Assesment (PBA) as a pedagogical teaching tool. Then we explored different markets and how product based assessment is being “delivered” today. The PBA market is dominated by software – and artifacts to support the “project” – whatever that may be.

This conclusion gives examples of  the emerging market potential of PBA. As discussed throughout this week, PBA is a pedagogical tool that is used as a basis for the PBA products and services.
Based on the research and examples accross the web, the PBA emerging market is beginning to split in two directions.
  1. PBA profit and non-profit products like e-portfolios, student blogs, student wikis, cloud computing (google.docs), computer games, educational Apps and student m-portfolios can be defined as the PBA “product” market. These have been clearly defined by Barrett, Batson and others as the future of PBA.
  2. We believe that the second emerging market is defined as the PBA “service”. Profit and non-profit consultants, speakers, conferences, books, E-learning companies, associations, Ed Tech Blogs, Ed Tech wikis and Ed Technology University programs, offer the PBA pedagogy to the world.

It is this educational opportunity that makes PBA possibly one of the most powerful and influential markets to be watched to date because it exemplifies authentic learning. Hopefully, the pedagogical context behind PBA, will foster support for all global learners to participate in the new technology. Ironically, it is a education led business opportunity, with sound beginnings, that may transform the world.

Please check out the Prezi on future markets of PBA.

Emerging Market PBA Products

Employee Performance Assessment Software

Employee Performance Assessment

Washington State University Libraries in 2008 investigated using an e-Portfolio tool to help assess the library’s student employees, and evaluate their “progress.”

Article Writing

A Survey of the Electronic Portfolio Market Sector: Analysis and Surprising Trends – Trent Batson

This article uses e-portfolios and PBA as the basis for their story. The article becomes a product when the author is paid for their services.


Books are a product that can focus on specific types of PBA, or they are able to give a general overview of the topic. Some topics include:


Please see the e-Portfolio tab.

This wordle was based on the emerging e-portfolio article (above) by Trent Batson




M-portfolios offer the newest cutting edge version of the “e-portfolio”. Dr.Helen Barrett is leading the vision into m (mobile)- portfolios.

Computer Gaming

Computer Game Handbook

Emerging Market PBA Services


These private educational companies are offering distributed learning service solutions internationally with different PBA foundations.
Knewton – Adaptive and Personalized Learning

GlobalEd.ca – Teaching “BC Brand” Project Based High School credit online courses Internationally

Dr.Helen Barrett – Teaching Educators about the future of m-portfolios

Learning.com – Markets a variety of tools for assessment for 21st Century Learning and Project Based Assessment


Conference and Workshop Development:

Community Engagement and conference development/organization – Workshop development


Blogs and wikis offer a service of distributing PBA ideas because of the unique perspectives of the  writers. The following list offers a wide selection of “EdTech” savvy bloggers and wiki creators who offer the mix of well written educational material with advertising and product services  to mix educational services and a products.




This PBA based service is newly created by wikispaces…and it is a blog…another example of the PBA “mix”


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